Monday, May 9, 2011

Experiment 2-Analytical Studies

For this Experiment a study of the house was to be taken in certain areas were I found them to be the most interesting and relating to the requirements set in the hand out.
On researching this house things became more clearer and the reason for the shape of the house, the different levels of roofs and connecting of spaces became easier to comprehend.
I tried with the set of drawing to recreate the insistances in my mind to form so what of a story of how the house became to be by the use of existing precedents that helped form the design by Siza in a series of steps or stages.

Experiment 2-Analytical Studies Sheet 1

For this study the focus was on the form of the house and how the existing precedents helped control the design or give Siza a starting point as my understanding would be of the building by aligning the wall highlight in red and the existing road to form an axis one of a couple but the most predominant one by using this wall it creates the shape of the garden landscape with in turn creates the external courtyard another main feature of the house with is the next stage in my studies

Experiment 2-Analytical Studies Sheet 2

On this drawing the rest of the house is formed around the courtyard the public and private wings are separated by the courtyard which shape was established on the first sheet using existing precedents as you can notice that around the edges of the courtyard the roof is lowered to maximise sunlight but around the edge of the building the roof is at its highest to privatizes the area.

Experiment 2- Analytical Studies Sheet 3

Connecting spaces- The courtyard actual role in the building is that of one were it connects spaces the transparencies in the glass and location of the windows gives you glimpses of room not generally associated with one and other for example a kitchen and bedroom. These view that are shown on the drawing are a reverse of one and other the addition of furniture to the drawing was so the room could be defined without text the hatching was used on all drawing the same as to help define the exterior spaces

Experiment 2- Imaginary Landscape