Tuesday, June 15, 2010

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Operation for Movement of Elevators, Table and Chairs

Merkel’s Elevator to meeting Place:

The theory behind the design of Merkel’s Elevator is that she had a profession as a physical chemist so I tried to make it look like an atom.


Merkel’s Internal Elevator:

N=First Floor
O=Second Floor
P=Down to Ground Floor

Meeting Place:

The theory behind the design instead of you pulling the chairs out, and because a lady should never have to pull her chair out herself, the tables and chairs rise up out of the meeting place as you approach.

P=Raise Table
L=Raise Chairs

Kerr’s Elevator to meeting Place:

The theory behind the design of Kerr’s Elevator it is meant to have a chariot type feel to it like the way they used to parade good looking people about in the old days.


Filefront Files for Crysis Objects and Enviroments



5 real Images from Crysis Enviroment

Merkel's Office

I made Merkel's office Transparent glazing exterior to show her attitude that she has nothing to hide a government that is a democracy

View from Merkel's

View from Kerr's End

The Meeting Place
I made the table and chairs all round no head or foot of the table so as everyone is equal

The Ariel View

Ariel View of the Bridge Merkel’s office on the right and Kerr’s on the left I figured because Kerr makes her money from people looking at her that her office should be further away, were she can make a grand entrance on her chariot type elevator/cable car from the meeting place plus she is younger

EXP 3 Sketch-up Model